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Sunday, December 2, 2018

poetry and fiction- recent works and works of yore

Hey guys!

I've been busy writing- a new novel has come into my ethers and so I've been spending time working on plot, researching, getting to know all the characters... how they think, where they live, who they love and why.

In the meantime, please enjoy this poem:

Oh, life, how you flow into yourself, and into me,
Astonished, a pearlized heart and a smile of stardust,
And the places I have gone, and ballerinas in music boxes,
and the smell of the pine trees in the clearing,
and the people I have smiled at, and the homeless ladies
and the window dressings and the forgetting of sadness
just in time to remember it again as a sort of faded name on a dance card
from the days when such a thing pertained to a courtship...
And the people who smiled at me, and who did not look past,
and who did not keep going but who, in me, saw sister,
daughter, friend... and the poems, pages and pages and pages of poems,
and you, and a secret keyhole in your heart that only I can fill,
and the delighted surprise at the realization that somehow
I have unlocked my way into the memory of your future...