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Monday, February 6, 2012

Singer Sisters Leaping....

Singer sisters leaping from the cliffs of despair and into the sonic tides of bliss

There is no home for us but the stage
And at dinner, before the show, over candlelight,

We see, we know through our hearts, we love like the hush of nightingales and it echoes bittersweet from cliff to cliff

(Darling! I have looked into your eyes, I have felt the recognition. Tell me we are not alone? And if that was but a fantasy of my mind... then please, at least... join with me in song.)

Ageless and ever, our sisters know 'round the globe,

Any dream fulfilled of the lie of the world leads to death,

For the world offers paper moons and persecutes passion (quella fiamma)

But we, singers of the earth, have known that light sublime, which, alchemically transporting sound and dust particles from sorrow to aliveness, believe beyond reason: there must be some reason to live.

There must be, for here we stand once again at the piano, as we stood once for the lyre, for the king,for the sea-

(Sous le dôme épais...)

For the Aegean, for the Mississippi, for the Rhine and the Caspian, the Styx, Atlantis, Rome, for the belle époque, for the academy. It matters not for whom!

(Où le blanc jasmin...)

We. Hands enjoined, hearts entwined, sweet counterpoint:
Sweet, yes, and sad. We turn then, to joy. (À la rose s’assemble...)

The ending yet foretold, having but one supernova eternal,

We leap -

Où le blanc jasmin
À la rose s’assemble