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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

As my sister said, "You so crazy!"

So, I thought I'd foil my own hair. I told myself, "Sure! I've done it many times." (LIE.... I've died my hair many times but the number of times I've foiled in base and highlights = 0.)

Always cavalier, I went ahead and got started, using 2 colors + a paint brush, just like I've seen stylists- and their assistants- do in salons.

Well, somehow, I forgot that

A. they have training, permits, degrees, and CERTIFICATES from the STATE permitting such behavior

B. they're know what doing

C. I don't, in fact, have 8 arms or eyes on the back of my head,


D. I'm an idiot.

One box of foil, three boxes of dye, four hours of labor plus one hour bleaching the sink (I splattered,) a healthy dose of panic attack, and quite a lot of @#$%!!!!!, and the results!???!?!

Survey says:

I will never, ever, ever lie to myself again. About hair, anyway. Well, okay, not in the next 3 weeks.

And it looks, uh, chestnut brown.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

अ न्यू दरें Poem

Sparking awake from sleep

I breathe in a line of ancient poetry

and am surprised to discover

I am no longer running from the crumbling tower in my dreams

but am alone in the ring of silence.

What is this force which keeps me

waking, running, sleeping, then waking again?

What is this voice that comes through

In waves and waves and waves?

The crest falls.

Day begins and rest is no more.

I shall put aside, then, these visions,

and tend to the mundane things that

circle the world.

Coffee. Work. Sister. Friend.

And secretly, in stolen moments,

I close my eyes and dream-