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Saturday, January 23, 2016


Full Wolf Moon



The deep silence of an empty woods, insulated by snow.

Twilight, which by the human clock is merely late afternoon.

My feet crunch along the pathway where a fresh layer of snow has erased my old footsteps. Although it is the end of light, there is still enough that I can see my breath and I stop to watch it escape in wisps. Quiet.

A tree groans in the distance.

I am walking with intention but without direction. I am walking for the woods, and for the trees; for the winter and the sound of nothingness that brings a complete focus of my attention to my own life.

My heart is beating. I am breathing, I am moving. My body is creating miracles without my conscious awareness in the cycles of life and death. I am one with nature, whether I regard it or not, and even though the green of this forest lies dormant, life is still happening in secret, underneath the veneer of immovable cold.

I reach a clearing where on summer days there is a pond, vibrant with frogs and crickets singing, and tall cattails and ferns and the periodic lily pad. Those days, the water is sludgy with algae and I must be careful not to go at dawn without my mosquito netting. Today, though, there is just a broken sheath of ice and-

My attention hones in on a steam rising above the pond. How is that, now? But this pond, and all its creatures, they are all sleeping. I know it, for I have walked these woods come spring, come summer, come autumn, come winter, all my life, and I know how the pond slumbers deeply until beauty awakes it in spring.

Then the steam is gone, and I give pause to my walk to listen, to look. Something washes over me, something that mortal words cannot quite describe, but I am changed, for I watched the pond breathe.

Like listening to someone snore from another room.

The sun is leaving the horizon soon and it is time to turn back toward home. There is a solace in these woods, though, and I miss them as soon as I begin to even think of leaving them, but to freeze out in the night air? There is no pleasure waiting for me in that experience, and so I turn, and even begin to hurry now, my footsteps disappearing into a hush. I think of home, and of the fire I will light, and an evening spent by the fire with poets and storytellers in the yellowed pages of books, and-

I stop, for in front of me, there, in the middle of the path, stands a wolf.

Blue eyes, mirroring mine, and it is too late to look away. I want to run, but I cannot move. I find myself breathing slower now, I feel my lower abdomen pulling tight and the insides of my arms tense as I search my periphery for anything- a branch- a-

The wolf steps toward me, slowly, then another step, and another. Eyes so light I am lost in them. Fear leaves my body, replaced by awe. She is lean, and she is wise. She has stopped me in nature. She plucks me out of reverie and into this moment with her, her, here in the woods. She grows closer, closer, her jaws parting, her saliva dripping. She is tall.

I am cold, but I do not shiver.

"Yes," I whisper, closing my eyes in surrender to the inevitable.

The crunch as her feet walk on. Deliberate.

Slowly, I open my eyes.

She is gone, and the light is descending rapidly now, and I want desperately to see her again, to look into her eyes, to understand something. Was she trying to tell me something? Surely she was, but nothing human, nothing in words, certainly nothing I can quite translate, and when I tell people at home, later tonight, when I call someone on the phone, or the next day at work try to relate the story, will I be true to it? Will it lose something in the words?

But I walk home, and the silent full moon rises, and as I linger at my door, off in the distance I hear a glorious, singular howl.

by Erin

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Erin's Latest Single- The Only One Forever- available on iTunes

January 12th, 2016

Happy New Year, everyone!

'Tis I, Erin, who last month (and year!) made ya laugh (I hope, I hope!) with a selection from my one woman show, "StandUpera!"

This month, I'm releasing a new single on iTunes. I'll add all the download, stream, and related video links at the end of this email!

This song comes from a Sardinian folk song, "No Potho Reposare." I will be singing the original, err, rather, most commonly accepted and sung version of this song this spring, with an orchestra, as the theme of a movie filming in Italy! I feel so excited and blessed to be able to return to Italy to sing in such great circumstances, AND support my sweetheartwho is acting in the film alongside Italian legend Franco Nero.

I took the original song, and along with Carlo, we rewrote a version in English. I cannot say it is a translation exactly because while we were talking through the poetic version of the song, we discovered a new meaning, and once I made a musical arrangement, which was then slightly rearranged by the producer, Andres Lopez, it actually developed a new meaning unto itself!

Translating the song was interesting because the language was not only poetic, but slightly archaic to Carlo's ears. It was sort of like taking, say, Shakespeare, and translating Shakespeare's cadence into a modern English. Only imagine that the Shakespeare source material was originally in Sardinian, which is similar to Italian in some ways, but not really the same language. It was fun to discover a song that we feel can translate beyond time and tastes into what we present today!

A few other notes, and then the links for the songs!

I am performing in Los Angeles in early March at one of my favorite venues, Genghis Coen. We are still confirming the date, so as soon as I know it, you will too! That said, I am working with the venue to see about LIVE STREAMING THE CONCERT so that people all around the world can watch, and /or watch later! It will be a fun evening with some originals, yes, but also a few pop standards from today as well as years gone by, a couple of jazzy tongue in cheek cabaret numbers, and of course, a classical-pop tune or aria or two.


Here's the song!

You can download it on:



You can stream it on:



Or on my Jango Radio Station:

Thanks, everyone!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Music Mondays: CD Baby and "The Only One Forever!"

Hey, everyone!

So, CD Baby made this really cool video of my newest single, "The Only One Forever," and I'll share it here!

You can buy the single on CDBaby itself at this address:

This song was inspired by a great Sardinian folk song, but Carlo Carere and I wrote new lyrics and English. I rearranged the song a bit, and then the song was further rearranged by the producer, Andres Lopez.

Hope you like it!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Soul Sundays- in the middle of the night

...sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, trying to pinpoint that moment, that exact choice, that specific thing you did or said or chose or didn't choose, the moment it all went wrong. And you go over every decision you ever made and you go back and you go back and you go back until you have arrived at some distant universe on some other planet, and you still haven't figured it out, but you are convinced if you could just figure it out all you could know, and then you would know that if it had been THAT moment, THAT EXACT MOMENT, if you had only made some other choice, some BETTER choice, than you would have a different life, a BETTER life.

But you don't have a different life, you have THIS life, and the moment of choice isn't hidden away in some essay from high school, or some love letter from college, or something your mother said or didn't say when you were 7, or 8 or 9 or 5 or 6 or 20 or 30 or 40 or never, or in being born to some other family in some other town by some other sea in some other era. The moment of choice isn't last week, or last year, or with this person or that person or this group of friends of that job or that school or that apartment. The moment of choice is now.

In fact, the life you have is THIS life. It isn't that life. It is never that life, that other life, that different life, that better life, that worse life. It isn't history and it isn't future. It is this moment, this life, this flower, this air, this breath. This child on your lap. This dog on your lap. This book on your lap. It is this spoon in your mouth, this silver spoon, this plastic spoon, this chopstick, no spoon but a finger.

Don't you see? None of it matters, none of it all, because life is only ever now, and that isn't just a group of words strung together in a sentence, those words are a poem, a secret equation hidden in all our hearts, written on all our faces. Those words are an action plan out of fear and into life, because death comes to us all, but if death comes to us all, so has life come to us all, and this is it, my friend, my beloved, my darling other, myself. This is it and I beg you, find yourself, sometime, waking up in the middle of the night looking at THESE hands, THIS person beside you, THIS empty place beside you, THIS bed, THIS bunk, THIS floor, THIS street, whatever and whomever and wherever it is, in THIS city, in THIS town, by THIS sea, in THIS universe, and find some place in your heart where you let yourself cry out