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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Time Zero

I'm honored by the following feedback on my action-thriller script with Carlo Carere, Time Zero, from the BlueCat Screenwriting Competition.

"It is so rare that a screenplay has me so invested in a story that I simply cannot put it down. This is a much easier feat when writing in prose, and can feel nearly impossible to make that kind of impact on someone when it comes to screenplays. So, I would just like to say: well done. “Time Zero” was simply astounding, and I would absolutely love to see this kind of story on screen. The fact that you started this out as a terrorist attack and then leapt into the realm of science fiction is astonishing and I couldn’t believe that such a risky move paid off so completely well."

It's motivation to us to keep writing, and, well, rewriting. Hemingway reportedly said "the only kind of writing is rewriting," and while many writers I know get freaked out by that sentiment, I feel it's true even from a first draft. You have an idea, and then, depending on your process, by the time your pen hits the paper or your fingers hit the keyboard, many translations have already occurred in those nanoseconds in between. And so I feel a certain responsibility to the story, the characters, the intention- to get it as true to its own core as possible, but also, written in such a way that it will make the best thing of its kind as possible, too. It's honoring the possibility of who you are as writers and what it can be as its own entity (film/ tv show/ book/ play/ poem/ Facebook post.)

We're excited for Time Zero to go from page to screen. This keeps us going!