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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Auditions, Seasons, Life


(Courtesy of, referred by my soulfriend Markie)

SEASONS: Oliver Davis (and Vivaldi!)

Currently: Anno 1: Spring

Listen to this song, you won't be disappointed, and it will help you feel ALIVE and hopeful, yet with a twinge of disconsolate angst... just a twinge, just enough to wanna create your masterpiece!

I've been auditioning a LOT lately. Mostly this is because I have really been upping my casting director workshops, reaching out to friends and acquaintances in casting, and, well, just putting it out there more! Plus, going brunette seems to have made a huge difference. Don't get me wrong- I miss being blonde! I definitely felt lighter, younger, and more... Californian. (So says the primarily Nordic SHE.)

But, something about the last few months of my life, I've wanted to be more natural, more myself. I stopped getting lash extensions (okay, that's because it turns out I'm allergic to them. I still love the way they look!) I went to as close to my real hair color as I could get, and judging by the roots coming in, I'm pretty close. And I have been OWNING my badassery alongside my elegance, eschewing my former rock and roll years and truly focusing on singing Broadway and opera and standards a la Bette, and owning my TV and film game a la Cher and Susan Sarandon, and writing away a la Nora (Ephron!), and marketing myself like Sandra (Bullock) meets Babs (Streisand.) I've been avoiding politics and instead creating somewhat populist web series and films to remind us that our differences can sometimes become assets, and in the end, we're all human, and we all share a few basics... and some of us share more basics than we ever thought or imagined from our own little worldview.

So I've been more me than ever before. Curiously, Carlo informed me the other day that I have been very sad, maybe even depressed, for the last 6 months. I swear to God I had no idea! I swear to God the opposite is true! I think I've just been really focused... and...

When people meet me, they think, "Dang that girl can talk!" It's true. I can talk a waterfall. But when I get really close to someone, I rarely talk at all. Weird, right? It's sort of like.... words are false compared to my love, and the closest thing I can find is violins and latin verbs sung in my mix-chest register. I know that only makes a tiny bit of sense but there we have it.

Getting to know a person, really know a person, is a funny thing. With me, in the beginning, there's this layer, oh, the talker. The entertainer. The people pleaser. Then there's the layer of thoughtful gifting and caring, but not much actual interaction. Then there's the layer where you show your anxieties and your hopes and fears and dreams, and pray to God that the risk you're taking in vulnerability isn't pushed away, because you're getting really close to that hot lava core of the heart of a person. And then there's the other side, the other side where hearts are connected and spirit sings in unison, and when one or both of you needs to be human, you can individuate in an instant, and just be there at the drop of a hat (or tiara, in my case.) And that's when you are soulmates.

Everyone has different layers before you get to that other side. I tend to become soulmates with people who aren't talkers in layers one or two, but when they are super close, almost to that gooey lava core, they won't shut up. :)

Yes, I did say "become" soulmates. I didn't mean anything by that, or maybe I meant everything.



So the other day I was auditioning for a very cool film project that I really wanted. I was disappointed when I got there because every woman auditioning for my part was probably about ten years older than me, yet I'm about ten years too old for the other awesome female role. I'm in between castable ages? I dunno. It's okay! But it was amazing to watch all the kids across the room waiting for a different audition. I loved watching the interactions between child actors and parents- which children were just PERFECTLY behaved... I watched one woman stroke her daughter's hair lovingly, maybe even sort of... too lovingly. Not in a weird or wrong or bad way but like... maybe it's the Minnesotan in me, I'm just too pragmatic to think it's a good idea to stroke the hair of a 12 or 13 year old the way you would nurse a baby. Then again, maybe I'm just jealous. Watching that young lady, I kept thinking of me at that age, and how desperately I wanted to be a child actor. I would BEG my mother to take me to Hollywood. She never would, telling me instead that when I turned 18 I was free to do as I pleased. I want to go back in time to that little 11, 12 year old and tell her a few things....

First of all, I want to tell her that I grew up to transcend those awkward "ugly" years.  I was never as pretty as any of these children in these auditions. I was chubby, with crazy funky hair, and big coke bottle glasses. I was awkward, although loving and smart and funny. It doesn't matter if a person is "pretty" or not, it really doesn't, but I embrace myself now, where I am lovely, where I am not so lovely and am working on appreciating the hell out of myself anyway.

Secondly, I want to tell my childhood self that she was right. It's amazing to perform, to be an actor or singer or writer, to tell stories, to move people, to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and explore the boundaries of humanity and then share that with an audience.

And thirdly, I want to tell her to get a big cup of f*** it. Because people will and will not like your work all day long, and it all has meaning but none of it has meaning about your heart, your soul, or your potential.


Vivaldi: Four Seasons: Concerto No. 1 in E Major.

I'm about to go make dinner, but I wanted to dash off a few of these comments. I am grateful for every audition. I am grateful for every script. I am also happy, despite what my allergies may make it look like in my Instagram feed. ;-p

Love to you

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I'll get to blogging soon, I swear! Here's why I've been so busy.

As I posted on my newsletter this morning:

Hello, Friends!

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What's New

Guys and dolls, I have been BUSY!
I wanted to take this moment to update you all on some fun things I've been busy working away at these last few months...
First of all, BREAKING NEWS, I'm back to brunette. :) LOL
And since going back to brunette, I have signed with new representation, both in Los Angeles AND Chicago!
I have signed with Adel Nur of Halcyon Talent here in Los Angeles.
I have signed with Susan Sherman of Ambassador Talent in Chicago!
I am excited to work with these wonderful agencies and, by the way, am open to any referrals to NYC agents as well.
Check out my IMDB!


Many of you know that I booked a recurring role as Los Angeles Police Detective "Jo Frazer" on a NEW show called "Emergency: LA." I've been getting into shape (EEK!) in preparation as we will start filming this spring! The show stars some incredible actors AND athletes and I'm honored to be a part of it. You know, the reason I even got the audition in the first place is because I did a Variety Show in a theater and the fellow who is the showrunner and creator had ALSO worked on that show! So, thanks to Amanda Callas for introducing me to Len Davies (Creator of "Emergency: LA.") ALSO because she was a catalyst for my relationship with my sweetie, Carlo Carere, but that's a story for another time. ;-p
Some of you have seen SPY V SPIA's "Proof of Dialogue" teaser!
Some fun news with that show! The script is currently a FINALIST in the Reel Rebels Entertainment Contest, and we are looking into ways (aka investors and production companies) to produce the Pilot Episode soon!
In the meantime, feel free to like us on Facebook.
Spy V Spia
Web Series: A will they/ won’t they rom com with a spy parody twist
Logline: Two rival international spies from across the global discover they’ve moved in next door to each other and form an uneasy, love-hate relationship, until nefarious ninjas attack and the Spy Duo joins forces to save the world, and maybe fall in love-love.
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1 MILLION hits on You Tube?

As of this writing (March 14th, 8:32 pm Pacific Time!) one of my videos on YouTube has 998,715 hits. It's me singing "Time to Say Goodbye." Kinda cool!
Finally, I have been VERY busy writing, both on my OWN, with writing partner Anzu Lawson on one project, and with writing partner (and life partner) Carlo Carere on several projects. I can't say much about my solo project just yet, nor on the the project with Anzu (only that it's REALLY EXCITING!)
But I CAN tell you that with Carlo, our script, "Time Zero," has has so far placed as a finalist, semi-finalist, quarter-finalist, or official selection in the Page Awards (top 25 out of 1000 in its category), the Fade In Awards (top 6 out of 1100 in its category), the Script Fest Awards (top 36 out of 1000s), the Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Competition (top 75 out of 1000s.), the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition (top 5%), the ScreenCraft Awards (top 10%), and the Austin Film Festival (top 10%). In fact, we are planning on attending the Beverly Hills Film Festival, so if any of you reading this is going, hit me up!

GENRE: Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi *Feature Film
The Bourne Identity meets V for Vendetta.
LOGLINE: A near-death experience leaves a hard core CIA Operative with the disruptive ability to see everybody's past. His self-induced isolation ends when terrorists kidnap his loved ones and force him to use his powers against his country.
OH! My sweetheart, Carlo, was awarded the prestigious "LIVATINO AWARD" for his novel, "Radioactive Nightmare," available in bookstores across Italy and online for those of you who speak- or read, rather- Italian, for its part in the fight against mafia and organized crime. I am VERY proud of him!
That's All For Now! I will be sure to let you all know when I have music available, gigs, or when you can see me on TV... until then, I hope this finds you well! Take care,
Erin<- p="">

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


"Spy V Spia," the new web series written by and starring me Erin Carere ErinCarere and Carlo Carere was just named a FINALIST in the ReelRebels Entertainment LLC Screenwriting Contest! I am super excited to keep this series moving forward.

If you haven't seen the teaser video we did, head over to or youtube:

and take a gander.

Spy V Spia is a digital sitcom that blends spy parody with a “will they/won’t they” romantic comedy twist… Like Moonlighting, but with spies!

LOGLINE: Two rival international spies from across the globe discover they've moved in next door to each other and form an uneasy, love-hate frenemy state. When mysterious
ninjas attack in a nefarious plot to overturn the world, the duo joins forces only to discover secrets about their pasts, their futures, and their hearts.

One of the reasons this project is SO close to my heart is because... as many of you know, I've been an artist/ singer/ writer/ actress a looooooong time, with many wins, but many heartbreaks as well. That's life, yeah? And especially life as a performer. But I decided a few years back that even if I never "made it" (whatever THAT means), I would create projects that fulfilled my gifts and talents. But WHERE and HOW could I create something that was about an opera singer, but that was funny?

Then, A few years back, Carlo and I put ourselves on tape for an audition, a first date gone wrong kind of scene:

When I accidentally ran across it again a year ago, I was struck by the sexy yet antagonistic spark between us. It reminded me of "Adam’s Rib," a favorite battle-of-the-sexes film. I then watched every such project I could find, from "His Girl Friday" and "The Lady Eve" to "Moonlighting" and "Cheers." At the same time, Carlo and I were writing our action-thriller script "Time Zero" and I was deeply engrossed in that genre as well.

A story began to emerge in my mind about two lost, international people who were attracted to each other, but for some reason couldn’t come together the normal way. What emerged from that was "Spy V Spia," a love and spy-themed amalgamation of snark, heart and charm, telling the stories we love to reimagine in each generation but in a way that reflects the movement and evolution of TODAY.

Wish us luck, and have a GREAT DAY!