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Monday, September 16, 2013

Jean Harlow, French Assassins, and Dreams Come True

Well, hello everybody! Gee, it's nice to see you all here!

It's a nice and hot sunny September day in Los Angeles, and I just returned from a walk with young Sir Henry Monster where I did a little ruminating.

See, I've been working on an audition to portray the "Original Blonde Bombshell," Jean Harlow. I have been spending a lot of time watching her films, and have become fascinated with her- she was Marilyn Monroe's inspiration, and I can see why.

Jean Harlow is not just a platinum blonde diva. She's not just a sexy gal who can play everything from smart and sassy to ditzy and dizzy. She's not just a screwball comedienne, either! But boy she DID have that certain something!

And then some. You know why I like her so well? She has this core of feminine strength that lets her have the vulnerability and the sass all at once. She wasn't afraid to be a bad girl when it was called for (well, apparently sometimes she had to fight pretty hard to be not as bad as they wanted her to be! Which makes me respect her more because she wanted balance!) I really prize women who let themselves be exactly whoever it is they are- whether that is Jean Harlow, Jenny McCarthy, Melissa McCarthy, Sharon Stone, Diablo Cody, or Mae West... Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, Jennifer Lawrence, Myrna Loy, Madonna. The list goes on and on and on!

Being precisely who and what a person is unto themselves- believing in themselves- having faith in themselves- and then offering that out into the world with joy and communion- well. That's not an easy task! It's an art form. And a worthy endeavor. And my aspiration!

How lucky I feel today. For this week, between performances and auditions, I get to portray everything from a blonde bombshell, to a French Assassin, to a conjoined (Siamese) twin, to myself!

As for "myself," I am thrilled to announce a few upcoming performances and recordings.

This Saturday, I will be singing at the Festa del'Autunno at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach. You can get more info here:

I will be singing largely Italian arias and a few folk songs, everything from Puccini to Al Di La. This is one of my favorite kinds of performances! Festival-goers will get to sample food and wines from Italy while strolling along, listening to music, singers, and experiencing other delights. :)

Soon I will be recording an album of favorite hits that I sing. I have had a number of people request songs- arias, pop songs, Broadway songs, maybe even a new original song or two! If you would like to request a song, I am tallying up the votes of favorites. So feel free to email me or tweet me or Facebook me and let me know what your favorite song is. The album will be recorded in early October, and is slated for release in November.

Until next time!

Arrivederci and ciao!