Sunday, September 25, 2016

Gratitude Saturdays on a Sunday: #277- 286: Of Fargo, Pussy, Rose Water, and Singing!

Hello, all!

I have been taking a little time away from blogging because I have been, well, slowing down in life in general a little bit! I believe in really loving your life as much as you can in each moment, because this is it, you know? Meaning, sure, we grow, we have goals, and all that- but THIS is the moment you have only and ever, this moment, now, the eternal never ever always ever now, and I want to be in LOVE with it as much as possible.


I have been focusing on getting a budget together on the WEB SERIES I wrote for me and Carlo, working, and spending time with myself, my dog, and my man. Kind of in that order. ;-)

Speaking of my dog, here's a cute picture of him from out walk this morning.

He's a Vikings Fan. That's a Vikings bandana he is wearing.

Here, I'll show you:

Okay, now that we have THAT cleared up... teehee....

I realized that I am NOWHERE near getting to my 2016 things for which I am grateful in 2016. Since I write gratitude lists every morning as part of my practice, I figured I would try to do my morning gratitude lists HERE once in a while to be sure to keep that commitment (or at least live out the rest of 2016's online blog trying!!)

So without further ado:

277. Singing

I sang at a wedding last night in Topanga Canyon. The wedding was held at a beautiful ranch that is actually owned by the guy who invented (designed?) Ed Hardy! Remember when Ed Hardy was ALL the rage, and then suddenly it became the pariah of fashion? Weird, right? I guess that happens with most things in life when it comes to trends. Very few things get to be evergreen, and even evergreen things come and go. I mean, something or someone becomes famous, and then can become a joke of itself, and then maybe it can last long enough to really become a legend. But it's very unusual and I don't believe it has anything to do with talent or quality as much as the fact that all things shall pass!

278. Slowing down and taking time for fun

I don't like multitasking so much anymore. It started with dating an Italian and now is becoming a lifestyle!

I am NOT busy. I'm just very specific about my scheduling! :)


and so

maybe you can join me in reading a book!

279. Pussy: A Reclamation

Did I shock you?

No pictures of this one.

Haha. Because I am talking about the BOOK by MamaGena.


280. Organic, fresh, local veggies and fruits delivered to my house!

281. Fargo, Season 2

Carlo and I have been watching and every time Kirsten Dunst, who is SO brilliant in this, comes on screen and talks about becoming "fully realized, ya know" in her Minnesota accent, Carlo howls and says "that's just like you! Oh my God, it's you!"

282. Being "touched."

I know. Most folks think I'm a bit touched. Well, I guess I am! If that means I get to have magical, mystical experiences, pursue my dreams, write books and drink champagne? Okay! Count me in. :)

283. Ignoring the haters

284. Partying with the lovers

And by "party," I don't necessarily mean champagne. I mean, if you drink the bubbly, great! If you're sober, I have some BEAUTIFUL #285 for you.

285. Rose water beverages!

I discovered a GORGEOUS bottled drink (non alcoholic) at Whole Foods: Rose H20 in peach and apple. There might be other flavors, those are the two I bought. They aren't paying me to write this! They, whomever they are, have no idea I exist! Probably. I just LOVE this drink. YES!

286. Car shopping

Actually I hate car shopping but I have to do it some I am grateful for it. XOOXOXOXOX

Monday, September 5, 2016

Gratitude Saturday! The Labor Day Edition. #266-276: secrets, caring too much, Mary Oliver, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls!

Happy Labor Day!

No, it's not Saturday... but it's Labor Day here in the US and so I thought I would share some of my thoughts before I head out to work... I work for myself ("I'm a capitalist, baby! I work for a living." -Beyond the Valley of the Dolls) and so today is not a day off, but then again, every day is an opportunity for me to breathe, and be alive...

I have been practicing a new morning exercise while walking the dog, one I culled from the great American poet Mary Oliver. I heard Wayne Dyer say (ere his passing last year) that she had a formula for being alive... I am paraphrasing here now....

1. Pay Attention
2. Be astonished
3. Share with others.

So, while I do my gratitude list sometimes while walking Henry, sometimes it takes me out of the present moment. I don't mind going up into my imagination! It's one of my favorite places to be, because it's an infinite number of places! But I love the idea of falling in love with the world of Earth as it is once in a while, too, and so I often say to myself, okay! Let find 11 things to pay attention to, and then 11 things to be astonished by, and then 11 things to share with people or be grateful for, and then I will share it with Henry or Carlo or (you all.)

SO my Gratitude List today, as I am woefully behind on my goal of listing 2016 things I am grateful for in 2016, will include things I paid attention to this morning, things that astonished (and/ or delighted) me, and then the sharing part is obvious. :)

266. Mary Oliver and her poem!

267. The way the cacti in the front yard curl their long pointy leaves at the end as if they were beckoning you to get closer.

268. The small American flag that, a few blocks over, after 4th of July, I found lying on the ground. I was raised not to drop the flag to the ground, not to let it slip or be tossed down like that, and so I picked up the small decorative flag, the kind you might get at a parade to wave. I didn't want to steal it, either, so I looked around and saw a tree in the yard with a slim branch poking through from a larger one, slim enough that the loop in the flag where the little dowel slipped through? Well, I could just snugly fit that loop over that branch, and so I did. That was two months ago now. No one knows I did it. I don't know if anyone even ever wonders or notices. But I know it's there!

269. Secrets

270. A leaf that had fallen from a tree and perched just so, precariously, stuck on the top spindle of a cactus

271. The way Henry bumps my leg with his nose when he wants some attention.

272. The neighbor lady who thought I was snubbing her when I was just busy. It's a little weird between us at the moment. I told her last night I hadn't been snubbing her, I just get busy and sometimes am listening to podcasts or in my head. I don't know if she would prefer to believe I was snubbing her or perhaps is just extremely sensitive. I always wave, even when she isn't looking!

273. Codependency

274. The book "Codependent No More."

275. The sweet man who recommended I read that book years ago.

276. Work! Labor. Gotta go.