Monday, April 24, 2017

SPY V SPIA: Special Announcement!!!!

April 24th, 2017
Hollywood, CA, USA


Hello, all! This is Erin and Carlo and we are excited to have some wonderful news and announcements about our upcoming will they/ won’t they rom-com with a spy parody twist digital series, Spy V Spia!

Check out our incredible team members, Director CHRISTOPHER N. ROWLEY (Bonneville, Molly Moon) and Producer GRETCHEN LANDAU (Francis Ford Coppola’s Distant Vision, Folk, Feminists: What Were They Thinking?)

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Spy V Spia features a top secret, unreleased theme song composed and produced by rock madman Mark Mallman (, and sung by Erin.

For now, here is some info about Spy V Spia, director Christopher N. Rowley, producer Gretchen Landau, us (Erin and Carlo, in case you know only one of us and not the other ;-p), and a little teaser clip!

Also, the first five people to email back ( stating they want to join the mailing list will get an mp3 of either an aria or a pop song sung by Erin… your choice.
Thanks for being a part of our journey!

About the series:

Spy V Spia is a digital sitcom that blends spy parody with a “will they/won’t they”
romantic comedy twist… Like Moonlighting, but with spies!

Two rival international spies from across the globe discover they've moved in next door to each other and form an uneasy, love-hate frenemy state. When mysterious ninjas attack in a nefarious plot to overturn the world, the duo joins forces only to discover secrets about their pasts, their futures, and their hearts.

Director, Christopher N. Rowley
See his IMDB here:
Bonneville, 2008, starring Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Joan Allen, Christine Baranski, Tom Skerritt.
Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism, 2015, starring Emily Watson, Dominic Monaghan, Joan Collins.

Producer, Gretchen Landau
See her IMDB here:
For over a decade Gretchen was a media sales and marketing strategist for pop culture giants such as, Disney, ABC, ESPN and MTV. In the early '90's she began her career as an on-air music radio personality and then went on to start the nation’s first Spanish Talk Radio network. More recently, July (2016), she served as production supervisor for Academy Award winner, Francis Ford Coppola's experimental film workshop, DISTANT VISION. She is currently in post production on the documentary, “FEMINISTS: What were they thinking?” with director Johanna Demetrakas, and developing several new film and television projects with director Christopher N Rowley (Bonneville, Molly Moon). Her earlier production credits include the documentary FOLK, directed by Sara Terry. She is the co-founder of Impact Squared Productions, a social media marketing company geared towards the arts and entertainment industry.

Writer/ Star, Carlo Carere
See his IMDB here:
Carlo, a screenwriter, published novelist and actor, holds two Master's degrees. Formerly, he was a Captain of the Carabinieri, the Italian equivalent of the FBI, for 12 years, where he investigated mafia, terrorism and violent crimes. Carlo has been chosen by the President of El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, to write a biopic about his life and revolutionary past. The movie will be an intl. co-production. His previous script, Mindgate, a high-budget action/thriller/sci-fi script,   is now in development through Huace Media, a major Chinese financing company partnered with Fox International. Another script of his, E-Ghost, was optioned by Isabella Ragona (Stranded, Forsaken) of Moving Pictures Media. As an actor, Carlo has most recently worked with Francis Ford Coppola in his latest project, Distant Vision. Carlo’s exposé novel, "RADIOACTIVE NIGHTMARE - Italy and the Illegal Trafficking of Nuclear Waste in the World" was just awarded the prestigious "Livatino Award" for its contribution in the fight against organized crime. His thriller-action script with co-writer and partner Erin Carere, Time Zero, has placed in over 10 screenwriting contests and was given the following praise: “It is so rare that a screenplay has me so invested in a story that I simply cannot put it down… “Time Zero” was simply astounding, and I would absolutely love to see this kind of story on screen.”

Writer/ Star, Erin Carere
See her IMDB here*:
Erin is an actress, screenwriter, singer and comedienne. Think Jennifer Aniston meets Barbra Streisand meets Nora Ephron meets Lucille Ball, make her brunette* and you’ve got Erin. She was raised on the banks of the Mississippi River in a small town in Minnesota, and attended the University of Minnesota and Manhattan School of Music. She toured both the US and Europe with bands, cabarets, and as a solo performer before moving to Los Angeles, where she performed her one woman shows and stand up comedy alongside singing. She joined SAG, was signed to an Indie music label, and was named “Best Female Performer of 2010” after performing at SXSW. She has won awards for singing, composing, producing, and as a playwright. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, and ASCAP. Currently, her TV Pilot (co-written with Anzu Lawson) Harlots & Hooligans has attached an A-list showrunner (although not yet ready to be made public) and actress to star. Her action thriller script, co-written with partner Carlo Carere, Time Zero, has so far placed as a finalist, semi-finalist, quarter-finalist, or official selection in the Page Awards (top 25 out of 1000 in its category), the Fade In Awards (top 6 out of 1100 in its category), the Script Fest Awards (top 36 out of 1000s), the Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Competition (top 75 out of 1000s.), the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition (top 5%), the ScreenCraft Awards (top 10%), and the Austin Film Festival (top 10%). As an actress, she most recently booked a series regular role as LA Police Detective Jo Frazier in a new narrative-procedural hybrid, Emergency: LA. She is in pre-production on her own digital series, a will they / won’t they rom com with a spy parody twist**, Spy V Spia, which she wrote and is set to produce and star in as an opera singing spy who shares a love-hate frenemy-ship with her handsome Italian rival. Although Erin has sung some of the most beautiful music in the world including the beloved “Flower Duet” from the opera Lakme and classical-pop crossover hit “Time to Say Goodbye” (her YouTube video for this song has over 1,000,000 hits), she is always looking for a way to incorporate both high quality art with broad commercial appeal.

*Subject to change.
**Based on real life… sorta!